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Suppression of UN reports on the use of depleted uranium weapons

25 Sep

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Richard Bruce draws our attention to a Global Research article written this month by Denis Halliday, who resigned from his position as UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq because of the economic sanctions imposed on Iraq, characterizing them as “genocide”.

denis hallidayIt summarises the repeated refusal of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to publish evidence uncovered in Iraq that US military use of depleted uranium and other weapons have not only killed many civilians, but continue to result in the birth of deformed babies.

2004: a WHO expert report by three leading radiation scientists “on the long-term health of Iraq’s civilian population resulting from depleted uranium (DU) weapons” was “held secret”. The study cautioned that children and adults could contract cancer after breathing in dust containing DU, which is radioactive and chemically toxic.

In November 2012, a joint WHO- Iraqi Ministry of Health Report on cancers and birth defect in Iraq was to be released. “It has been delayed repeatedly and now has no release date whatsoever.” To this date the WHO study remains “classified”.

According to Hans von Sponeck, former Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, who took over from Halliday in Iraq: “The US government sought to prevent the WHO from surveying areas in southern Iraq where depleted uranium had been used and caused serious health and environmental dangers,” (quoted in Mozhgan Savabieasfahani’s Rise of Cancers and Birth Defects in Iraq: World Health Organization Refuses to Release Data,

Is the Anglo Saxon alliance exerting pressure on the United Nations? Are they protecting companies who manufacture these weapons, including:

Aerojet, US
Alliant Techsystems (ATK), US
BAE Systems, UK
General Dynamics, US

agent orangeHalliday ends with a reference to the millions of gallons of Agent Orange used in rural Vietnam which were manufactured and sold to the Pentagon by companies Dupont and Monsanto for huge profits:

“This tragedy in Iraq reminds one of US chemical weapons used in Vietnam. And that the US has failed to acknowledge or pay compensation or provide medical assistance to thousands of deformed children born and still being born due to American military use of Agent Orange throughout the country.