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Scottish farmer: GMs will totally undermine the integrity of our livestock vegetable and cereal farming

7 Nov

Tom Douglas of Glendearg Farm, Galashiels, writes in the Scottish Farmer this week:

My GM opposition continues for reasons of monopolisation of our life essentials by organisations I would not trust and the weak government control over them.

It is apparent that the UK government and Owen Paterson value Monsanto more than the considerations of the electorate and that of our biggest trading partner the EU.

The golden rice development is an absolute example of this, tricking us into eating insect repellent or other poisons systematically integrated into the structure of our food.

Another problem is that GM labelling is not compulsory

We will not know the genetic make up of our life essentials and the food we are eating or the long term effects it will have on our metabolism or the ecology which surrounds us.

The non labelling allows Tesco and Asda to stock GMs unnoticed by the public . . .

Ultimately, what we will have to do is create a national marketing group for all agricultural produce to defend ourselves and our products in the market and negotiate a realistic sustainable price for a product before production starts and claw our way back to making a respectable income from our production.