End of GM moratorium follows relentless high-powered well-funded lobbying by corporations

23 Jan

molly fg gm crops

MEP Molly Scott Cato, who is a member of the Agricultural Committee and spoke during the debate in the European Parliament, says:

“A new system of regulation for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) was voted for by a majority of MEPs this week. The new rules replace a Europe wide ban on GM crops with an in-out option. This allows countries to ban GM crops, but also to opt in and grow crops that have passed the EU’s GMO authorisation process. Given the strong support for GM from both Conservatives and Labour, GM crops that have been authorised by the EU could be grown in England by 2017.

“We aren’t voting on an end to the GM moratorium because of lobbying from our constituents. We have arrived here because of relentless high-powered well-funded lobbying by the corporations who have no interest in our welfare, but instead want to control our food supply and to swell their own profits. Greens will continue to stand with the many small farmers and consumers in the South West who don’t want this dangerous technology.”

Listen to Molly’s contribution to the European Parliament debate and another, most persuasively, in a videoed interview (Farmers Guardian link).


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