UK government permits GM trial: Chinese Military Command bans GM food

14 May

bbsrc header biosciences

The BBSRC website announces that DEFRA has granted Rothamsted Research permission to conduct a field trial of Camelina plants that have been genetically modified to produce omega-3 oils that may provide health, environmental and societal benefits. It will form part of the BBSRC publicly funded programme of work, ‘Seeds for nutrition and health’ that is being carried out at Rothamsted.

Owen Paterson and David Cameron please note: China’s Military Command has just banned GMO staple food and oil from its army’s diet

This was done in order to assure the health of military members and safety of their drinks and food, because of safety concerns about GMO grain and oil products in China at present.

chinese army food

Google Translate’s version of a Chinese blog says that the Guangzhou Military Command Joint Logistics Department and the Provincial Military Grain & Food Oil Supply Center, announced on May 6th that from this date all military supply stations will be allowed to purchase only non-GMO grain and food oil products from the designated processing enterprises.

They are considering what to decide about the diet of education bureaus and departments, all canteens of primary and middle schools and universities. The standard established by the State Food & Drug Administration Bureau for infant formula powder allowing to add chemically extracted GM soybean oil and GM soybean protein powder is also being questioned.

A campaigning group adds: “This move by the Chinese army is being seen as yet another step towards the Chinese government’s expected ban on the import of all GMO grains and oilseeds within the next 2 years, due to growing public concern over GMOs. The expected ban would be a huge blow to the biotech industry worldwide”.


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