Owen Paterson answered by WDM – and many others . . .

14 Oct

Owen Paterson has decried those opposing GM crops to promote agribusiness. The World Development Movement responds to his assertions: 

owen paterson on return from chinagov uk logoDEFRA, BIS and DFID have a joint ‘agricultural technology’ strategy to promote UK agribusiness interests – including in new markets overseas – and very little about a just and sustainable food system.

Already 10 companies control three-quarters of the global seed market. WDM continues:

“If we were concerned about a food system which prioritised people’s need, we would need a radically different distribution of power and resources. As we all know, there’s more than enough food to feed the world’s population – the problem is access.

“Malnutrition in the global south is almost exclusively a result of people’s inability to access enough food, or a sufficiently varied diet. The way to solve it is to improve incomes (ed: and access to fertile land) – not to hand power to the multinationals that already control our food system, further squeezing producers and forcing them into an industrial monoculture production that posits Golden Rice as a solution rather than a problem”.

Rianne, who sent this link, commented: “On which planet is (Owen Paterson) living? Saving which lives?

“Rather, saving the income of shareholders . . . ”



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