Farmer’s death due to use of government-inflicted pesticide

12 Sep

First published on a politically focussed website


  Richard Bruce wrote on Jan 2nd 2013

“Sorry to begin the new year as the last one ended but it is with sadness that I have to report that John Hill died from OP poisoning on Sunday“.

Last year the Ecologist reported:

 ecologist john hall


Richard continues:

“Despite equipment to supply oxygen and to help him remove the carbon dioxide from his lungs he was admitted to hospital where he contracted the fatal pneumonia.

Doctors say that the OPs were still working in his body and as a result he was unable to rid himself of the carbon dioxide or utilise the oxygen, despite the equipment provided.

“John and his wife were put through hell by the lawyers, doctors, and the court process where he was told that his symptoms were prolonged not because of the OPs but because of his mental state, which resulted in his compensation being greatly reduced. Even his long-standing peripheral neuropathy was denied by people who should have known better. As he said he could not even feel his fingers when searching for items in his pockets and was still forced to use a wheelchair despite the false claims that his nerves had recovered.

“Do not believe those experts who tell us that the OPs leave the body quickly – they become embedded into our very being because of their nature and are transported from cell to cell just as other natural phosphorus compounds are – protected from breaking down by chemicals in the formulations.

“At least John has now escaped the torture forced upon the victims of OP poisoning by dishonest doctors, psychiatrists, State Benefit medical examiners – and the politicians who drive them all and sanction the criminality.

“May John rest in peace at last – and may his sacrifice and that of his close family not be in vain“.


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