Is Monsanto’s withdrawal from Europe a PR ploy to give activists a false sense of security – as EU patents are granted on Monsanto’s broccoli and Syngenta’s red pepper?

23 Jul

jose manuel maderoThe FT has reported the comment by Jose Manuel Madero, Monsanto’s president for Europe, that withdrawing the applications to grow genetically modified crops in the EU followed the company’s decision four years ago to scale back GM activities in the EU and instead focus on the sale of conventional seeds. This is said to be an acknowledgment that Europeans’ deep-seated resistance to such products is not likely to change in the foreseeable future.

GM by the back door in animal feed

Madero said that Monsanto is to focus its efforts on securing EU approval for increasing amounts of GM animal feed – imported from Brazil, Argentina and elsewhere.

The FT concludes that GM issue is expected to prove a key sticking point in recently launched negotiations with the US, a GMO leader, for a transatlantic trade accord.

However, earlier this month it was reported that The European Patent Office (EPO) has approved an application for a patent on Monsanto’s broccoli plants, seeds and ‘cut broccoli heads and to Syngenta for a red pepper with insect resistance.


Meanwhile in America

 US farmers meet to ban GMOs in county

Read on:

And all should see Cornish farmer Michael Hart’s interviews with US farmers growing GM crops:




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