Maharashtra bans Monsanto partner’s sale and distribution of GM Bt cotton seeds

12 Jul

Thanks to Theresa, whose lead was followed up, a full account was found in the Times of India.

MahycoThough this information was reported a year ago many – like me – will have missed it. For those we report that Bt cotton seeds sold by Maharashtra Hybrid Seeds Company (Mahyco), a partner of US multinational Monsanto, were banned because they were of ‘inferior quality’.

The company’s licence was cancelled after widespread complaints accusing the company of supplying inferior quality seeds which aggravated the agrarian crises in rural Maharashtra and spurred suicides among farmers. Following the ban, there were reports of raids being carried out on some stockists in eastern Maharashtra.

Certain Bt cotton variants are suspected of toxicity, damaging public health and environment, and agriculture activists have been demanding a complete ban on Bt technology in India.


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