GE methods outclassed – and US GMO Independence Day

1 Jul

gm education

US genetically engineered agriculture is outclassed by Europe’s non-GM approach

The argument that the UK and the EU need GMO technology to increase production and improve its agriculture is flawed according to a new report. GM farming in the US is falling behind the UK and EU’s non-GM methods.

University of Canterbury (UC) researchers have found that the GM strategy used in North American staple crop production is limiting yields and increasing pesticide use compared to non-GM farming in Western Europe.

The team led by Professor Jack Heinemann analysed data on agricultural productivity in North America and Western Europe over the last 50 years.

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The citizen action group “Moms Across America” march for GMO Independence Day

On the 4th of July, in over 169 events, millions of American Mothers and fathers, sons, daughters, grandchildren and probably family pets will be marching to demand labelling on GM foods. From Alaska to Hawaii to Florida and Maine the US 4th of July celebrations look like being overwhelmed by families marching to demand that the US government labels GM food.

Read on:–moms-across-americamarch-for-gmo-independence-day.html


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