Richard Bruce: all of us are victims – adversely affected to one degree or another by industrial chemicals, either now or in the future …

27 Jun

David Layton farmer OPsHaving made the case that soldiers, pilots, nurses, babies, athletes, police, farmers, everyone – have a “common cause”, in that they are being affected in varying degrees by industrial chemicals, Richard Bruce looks at the development of these deadly substances:

“It seems to me that since the military decided to use deadly chemicals during the First and Second World Wars they have made us all part of their massive experiment with all life on this planet – despite the Nuremberg Trials and the so-called rights given to victims of experimentation.

“Military involvement includes:

  • OPs for weapons and high performance engines fire retardants etc
  • Radiation to power the surveillance system and for use in weapons.
  • Computers to control political policy and to steal commercial secrets.
  • “The Cloud” possibly controlled by GCHQ and Menwith Hill . . .

Mechanisms used to protect vested interests

“In 1976, Duncan Campbell revealed the existence of the global British electronic intelligence agency GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters),in an article called The Eavesdroppers This led to the “ABC” trial in 1978, when the government attempted to jail him for up to 30 years for breaking official secrecy laws”.

Later in 1980 he exposed the role of the United States National Security Agency (NSA) Menwith Hill Station, Yorkshire in intercepting worldwide communications.

In a1988 issue of the New Statesman he revealed the existence of Project 415, a top-secret new global surveillance system, designed to tap into a billion calls a year in the UK alone.

Bruce asks why the dangers are denied and the often quoted EU principle of “the polluter pays” – set out in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union – ignored?

And answers: “because the cost to the industries involved in pesticides, radiation and GM crops would be so great that all the underwriters for those industries would be forced into bankruptcy – and that goes a long way to explain the corrupt denials and the criminal actions involved in the massive cover-up . . .” ending:

“Should we believe a word uttered by Cameron and Hague? I always thought that the Official Secrets Act was designed to protect the people of Britain but now the system is being used not to protect us but to protect those who harm us – and to attack those who expose their lies. After all we know that they watch what we say and so they know the truth – but still refuse to act”.


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