The drive to impose GM food on Britain is renewed – US giants are hungry for new markets

24 May

The Government will promote the benefits of genetically modified crops as part of the drive to modernise farming in the UK”: Owen Paterson, the Environment Secretary.

monsanto logo

Indirect influence is brought to bear on politicians, academics and government advisors in Britain – but in America direct influence – cash in hand – is disclosed by Monsanto:

“Monsanto is committed to participating constructively in the political process, as such participation is essential to the Company’s long-term success”.

The Monsanto Good Government Fund

The Company’s political contributions at the state level are limited to those states where such contributions are permitted. Such contributions are based on:

  • advancing the best interests of Monsanto and its shareowners,
  • including consideration of the Company’s interests in the state,
  • legislative activity in the state,
  • Company facilities and employees in the state and
  • local political factors.

Federal law prohibits corporations from making direct or indirect contributions to candidates or political parties at the federal level.

The Monsanto Citizenship Fund

Monsanto’s political action committee, the Monsanto Citizenship Fund (MCF), is legally authorized to participate in the political process at the federal and state levels.

The MCF supports political issues and candidates consistent with the Company’s policy objectives, promotes the election of responsible, qualified candidates to public office, regardless of party affiliation, and supports candidates for office, political parties, or other political committees in cases where the views of those candidates or entities are in general agreement with those of the Company. The most recent state and local contributions are listed.


And in Britain?



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