China and India – sourcing non-GM soy from Brazil, European retailers release the Brussels Soy Declaration and thousands are to ‘march against Monsanto’

10 May

gm watch logoFollowing news that China is ordering non-GM soy from Brazil, GM Watch reports that the non-GM soy producers of Brazil are gearing up to sell their crop to India as well. Soon all countries outside the GM-producing Americas will be sourcing non-GM soy. Except, that is, the UK, which is now stuck in a GM ghetto.

The Brussels Soy Declaration:  Major European retailers from five countries have pledged support for the non-GMO soy production in Brazil

European retailers see animal feed as the main route by which genetically modified soy gets into the food chain. Therefore they are ramping up support for Brazil, as by far the most important producer of GMO-free soybeans in the world. And for the first time in history, European major retailers are joining up, even across borders, to send a clear message of what their non-GMO needs really are.

On 8 May 2013 major European retailers from five countries, including Germany’s REWE Group, EDEKA and LIDL have released the Brussels Soy Declaration in which they have pledged support for the non-GMO soy production system of Brazil.

Were UK retailers ‘misled’ about the availability of non-GMO soy – or were they using this allegation to cut costs?

Augusto Freire, President of The ProTerra Foundation, said, “Recently, four British retailers announced that they would no longer require eggs and poultry to be produced using non-GMO feed, giving the reason that there is poor availability of non-GM soy, particularly from the main supply source, Brazil.  The avalanche of press coverage following this announcement demonstrated that UK retailers had been ‘misled’ about the availability of non-GMO soy and were more likely using this as an excuse to cut costs and avoid more strict sourcing and traceability efforts with regards to their supply chain.”

“March Against Monsanto” Planned for Over 30 Countries

march v monsantoOn May 25, thousands of activists around the world will “March Against Monsanto.”

Currently, marches are being planned on six continents, in 36 countries and over 250 cities.

In Britain there will be marches in Bristol, London and Stroud. In the US events will occur simultaneously at 11 a.m. Pacific time in 47 states.

Tami Canal, the international coordinator and founder of March Against Monsanto, first went to battle with Monsanto in California over Proposition 37, a defeated voter initiative that would have mandated the labelling of all food products that contain GMOs.

The New York Daily News reports that a new video promoting the “March Against Monsanto” has enlisted the help of celebrities to sound the alarm over what those critics say are the potential health dangers of GMO crops.

“Here in America you don’t get the right to know whether you’re eating genetically modified organisms,” musician Dave Matthews says in the video  asking viewers to participate in a global day of protest against the company on May 25.


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