Media reflecting big pharma resentment at homeopathic sales?

24 Apr

Steve Harrison writes to the Financial Times about homeopathy

Sir, There is a joke that if the French find something works in practice they check that it works in theory. They have, however, accepted homeopathy, whereas Michael Skapinker’s article “Authorities need to get tougher on bad science” (April 18) is typical of the attitude of scepticsm in the UK.

Rarely does a week pass without the FT reporting some scandal in the pharmaceutical industry, whether lethal side effects or attempts to breach competition rules, and yet Mr Skapinker wishes homeopathy to be subject to the same controls.

For many people homeopathy is effective. The big pharma companies are in fact scared of homeopathy reducing sales of their products. They have already managed to ban certain alternative products in the EU.


In response to this post:

A copy of a letter by Richard Bruce, written to the the Editor, Isle of Wight County Press, in 2011

richard bruce homeopathy


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