After his visit to Oxford, top-level biotech adviser addresses the Chartered Institute of Marketing Food, Drink and Agriculture

11 Mar

Phillip Case, writing in the Farmers Weekly Online, reports the recent delivery of a strong defence of GM crops, by Jack Bobo, senior adviser on biotech to Hillary Clinton. This follows his Oxford appearance:

jack bobo oxford flyer

Mr Bobo, chief of the Biotechnology and Textile Trade Policy Division and the Senior Advisor for Biotechnology, both at the U.S. State Department, gave a lecture in London at a meeting of the Chartered Institute of Marketing Food, Drink and Agriculture this week.

Significantly, according to Sourcewatch, he is responsible for developing and implementing U.S. trade policy related to new agricultural technologies and working with foreign governments to address regulatory barriers to U.S.agricultural exports.

jack bobo video

With disarming humility, in this video – just over 2 minutes long, he explains why he believes Europe’s opposition to GMs is wrong and says UK farmers are currently ‘losing out’ and should be allowed access to the technology and to plant GM crops.

To see the video go to


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