Good news on the GM front from the EEA, BBC and Claire Robinson

30 Jan

Dr N contacted us to say that there is some good news for a change: the European Environment Agency is awake to the fact that technology is causing
problems and is making recommendations. Here are extracts from the
English link:

‘Late lessons from early warnings: science, precaution, innovation’

Topics: Chemicals Environment and health Various other issues – EEA Report No 1/2013

The Late lessons from early warnings report is the second of its type produced by the European Environment Agency (EEA) in collaboration with a broad range of external authors and peer reviewers.

keep uk gm free

The case studies across both volumes of Late lessons from early warnings cover a diverse range of chemical and technological innovations, and highlight a number of systemic problems. The ‘Late Lessons Project’ illustrates how damaging and costly the misuse or neglect of the precautionary principle can be, using case studies and a synthesis of the lessons to be learned and applied to maximising innovations whilst minimising harms.

Published by EEA (European Environment Agency): Jan 23, 2013. Read more on and Note that this report was featured in a section: Hold to the Precautionary Principle, which some of you will have seen on


Stephen Sackur effectively confronts Mark Lynas on the BBC World Service

Do listen to ‘Hardtalk’:

stephen sackurmark lynas

In this programme a well-briefed and tenacious Stephen Sackur interviews Mark Lynas about his recent ‘conversion ‘ or as Mark Lynas called it, his abandonment of ‘ideological posturing’ in favour of scientific research.


Claire Robinson sets up a Seralini-focussed website

This new website set up by scientists and citizens challenges criticisms of a landmark study that found genetically modified (GM) maize damaged the health of rats. One article, which will be introduced and linked on the Political Cleanup site, is Citizens were lied to over GM study


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