Why did this Bt cotton field have an inherent “yield advantage” ?

17 Jan

Devinder Sharma highlights another factor in assessing reports of the success of GM crops. He quotes from a blog by Glenn Stone, a professor of sociocultural anthropology and environmental studies at Washington University in St. Louis:

GM seed wateringA Warangal woman farmer who was an early adopter of Bt cotton hand-waters her recently planted seeds.

Normally hand-watering is unheard of, but like most early adopters, she lavished extra-ordinary attention on the field with the expensive Bt cotton seed.

Such a field was then reported by economists as evidence that Bt cotton has an inherent “yield advantage” (Smale, et al. 2010; Smale, et al. 2006; Stone, 2011).

Sharma’s comment:

“I now realise how correct he is in his observation, and assessment. I have seen this happening around me. Farmers tend to take more than adequate care of anything that is expensive. Why only farmers, even at our homes, we tend to be more careful and protective of anything that comes from a distant land (and of course is more expensive). It deserves special attention. This is how it has been, and still continues to be.

Read the article at Ground Reality at 1/11/2013


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