MEPs to debate Prof Seralini’s findings on GM maize NK603

18 Dec

efsa logoA reader has drawn attention to the report that several MEPs have been expressing dissatisfaction with the European Food Safety Authority’s assessment of the Seralini study. The chair of the Petitions Committee, Erminia Mazzoni, said that Professor Eric Gilles Seralini and a representative of EFSA would be invited to a meeting in Parliament to debate Prof Seralini’s findings on the genetically modified maize NK603.

EFSA GMO panelThe MEPs had been discussing two petitions submitted by Dr Brian John, of GM Free Cymru (Wales), to the Petitions Committee. The most damaging allegation made by Dr John was the claim that Per Bergman, an EFSA director, and Dr Andrew Chesson (Rowett Research Institute), a member of EFSA’s GMO panel, had organised a teleconference to discredit Prof Seralini and limit the damage to EFSA.

Richard Seeber, a coordinator for food for the centre-right EPP, the largest political group, said that industry had too much influence over the Authority and that EFSA rules on independence needed to be tightened. The following table taken from the EFSA website does appear to indicate inappropriate priorities.

EFSA further issues

Mr Seeber and other MEPs said EFSA had reached its conclusions too quickly and that the Seralini work, which claimed NK603 caused cancer in rats, should be looked at by independent people in a more detailed way.


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