Comment on the last post: EU approval for GM maize feed

26 Oct

Julian Rose writes:

Just another GM tool to ensure that the food chain becomes irredeemably polluted by foreign genetic materials. As Professor Bruce Lipton has pointed out: ingested GM tainted foods are changing our DNA and passing on into all our cells. The micro RNA of food is picked up by the digestive system and does not break-down. From there it affects the reproductive cells of the organism.

The rapid rise of infertility in US citizens could well stem from the fact that approx 90% of maize and soya is genetically modified in the US and many other common foods are following the same route. Added to which, the fact that there is no labelling, means citizens have no basis upon which to choose to avoid GM foods other than growing their own or buying certified organic.

The dependence of UK/European livestock farmers upon imported protein feed-stuffs is a dangerous game – even without the GM factor. With the added GM component it becomes a high risk strategy which should be an illicit one.


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