Biotech companies dismissed a film recording US farmers’ experience of ten years of GM cultivation – but over 36,000 saw it, thanks to You Tube

22 Sep

Cornish farmer Michael Hart comments on a recent article:

“Biotech companies have used the “known to be against GM” tactic about those involved in research, to dismiss the work as no good on a number of blogs”.

This tactic was also used when Michael’s Hart’s 23-minute film was shown.

He had travelled across the US interviewing farmers and other specialists about their experiences of growing genetically modified crops in the USA, ten years after their introduction.

During the making of the film he heard about many problems:

  • A huge “weed” problem.
  • The myth of co-existence.
  • Farmers trapped into the genetically modified biotech system.
  • Huge price increases for seeds and sprays – well beyond the price increases farmers have received for their crops.

These charges were not rebutted by the companies, whose public relations strategy was simply to say that he was “known to be against GM crops” and imply that he had edited it to say what he wanted. Fortunately access to Youtube meant that people were able to see  it and judge for themselves.

When in the USA, Michael met a number of scientists who said that work they had done, which did not show GM in a good light, was binned because of the patent laws; these ensured that whoever owned the genes called the tune and research could not be published without their permission. Those that tried to bypass the binning of their work, told him that they were reminded that their jobs and pensions were at risk! He ended:

“The key point as far as I am concerned is that the recent French study was long term research and independent – something the pro GM lobby has either not done and/or has not made public if they have.


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