Mass-medicate with out-of-patent statins to compensate for lower generic prices?

9 Sep

An experienced medical doctor/surgeon recently wrote that his doctor is attempting to ‘push a statin on to me’ and this reminded the writer of the recent posts on the polypill and overprescribing of blood-pressure medication.

Professor Sir Rory Collins is co-director of the Clinical Trial Service Unit & Epidemiological Studies Unit at Oxford University where research is generously funded by pharmaceutical giant Merck.

He insists that statins should be given to all over-50s, because they cut the risk of heart attacks and strokes in later life. He led the world’s largest study to investigate statins in the prevention of cardiovascular disease which proved that cutting levels of ‘bad’ LDL cholesterol in the blood saved lives.

Currently statins are given to eight million high-risk patients, who have high cholesterol or are at risk of heart disease.

Official guidance on the drugs from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency warns of symptoms including sleep disturbances, memory loss, sexual dysfunction, depression and lung disease. The medication has also been linked to the risk of cataracts and diabetes, and this year the American FDA changed its list of side effects to include memory loss and confusion.

Professor Collins disagrees, pointing out trial data which showed only one significant side effect, myopathy or muscle pain, affecting one in 10,000 patients.

Over-50s, are you ready to take his advice?


One Response to “Mass-medicate with out-of-patent statins to compensate for lower generic prices?”

  1. admin September 11, 2012 at 6:42 am #

    Richard Bruce, by email:

    “We refuse to take statins – wicked and dangerous drugs.

    Cholesterol is required for hormones so all manner of illnesses can be triggered by these drugs, which I understand are also nerve toxins.

    Worse than that a friend of ours had a stroke some years ago and his GP put him on statins, following standard advice. Now it is admitted that the statins have destroyed his kidneys and he requires regular dialysis. His wife is a former nurse and she is very angry as you might guess…

    Seems to me that the main weapon used by the chemical companies is fear of what might happen if people do not use their products. Fear induced in the masses in order to sell vaccines, so-called “preventative” treatments, even pesticides and GM crops through fear of crop failure or yield loss and fear of being denied supposed advantages that are available to the competitors.

    The reality in most cases is not what we would expect – and most likely the opposite to what is claimed!

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