GM Education – an informative new website

4 Sep



Citizens Concerned about GM is a group of people who want a more balanced debate about GM; who want questions asked and answered; and an open, transparent discussion which is not dominated by the interests of multinational corporations.

We are asking as many people who are concerned about GM, from as many walks of life and backgrounds as possible, to join us in making our voices heard. We want to encourage people to raise issues and ask questions so that some balance is brought back into the political and policy debate.

This website has been funded by the Sheepdrove Trust to provide up to date information and discussion about GM in an accessible form. It is not aimed at campaigners but seeks to act as an information and education resource for citizens of all types.


As government, research bodies and, regrettably, most of the media are taking an overtly pro-GM line, the content of this site will be pre-dominantly one that is questioning and is reporting news that is not being covered by the mainstream media. We are not necessarily anti-GM but we think a lot more questions need to be asked about it.

A number of people on our mailing list have already signed up to this site’s list of concerned citizens. Any reading this post by chance may do so by visiting the site:



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