Profit for Big Pharma – the Polypill rides again!

23 Aug

18 July 2012: Polypill ‘could save thousands’ of lives

James Gallagher reporter for BBC News asks “Could a once-a-day pill reduce the numbers of heart attacks and strokes?”

A UK study of 84 over-50s, published in the journal PLoS One, showed the pill could cut blood pressure and levels of “bad” cholesterol.


The study did not test the safety of the drug, but the researchers say all the components of the polypill have been used for decades.

Dr David Wald, consultant cardiologist, said: “The health implications of our results are large. Dr Wald said the trial represented a “milestone” and called for regulatory bodies to approve the polypill “urgently”.

Conflict of interest?

But, embarrassingly, the European and Canadian patents for a polypill are held by David Wald’s father, Prof Nicholas Wald.

31st March 2009: Polypill ‘could become a reality’  

BBC News: A cheap five-in-one pill can guard against heart attacks and stroke, research suggests. Researchers believe that the combined action of all the components in their “Polycap” capsule made by India’s Cadila Pharmaceuticals (Chairman Modi opposite) could potentially halve strokes and heart attacks in average, middle-aged people. The study, led by Dr Salim Yusuf, from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, took in people at 50 centres across India.

An old, old story – see below.


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