UK Family Farmers Association states formal opposition to Genetic Modification of crops

16 Jul

The Family Farmers Association committee meeting decided to state itsformal opposition to Genetic Modification:

GM crops should not be allowed into Britain until much more is known about all their implications.

Many problems are arising from their cultivation, notably the evolution of glyphosate (Roundup) resistant weeds. This, and the impossibility of preventing the spread of the modified genes among neighbouring crops is making farmers’ lives more difficult, rather than simpler, as Monsanto promised.

Scientists are increasingly suspicious that feed from crops whose genes have been altered may have unexpected consequences in animal and human health. Effects could be long term, so more time is needed for testing.

Many Americans find farming with GMs is not more profitable, as they had hoped it would be.

The statement that GM will increase yields and thus help to feed our over-populated world has not been substantiated.

Who knows what genetic modification might achieve in the future, but in the present state of development we would be extremely foolish to let any GM crops become established in Britain.


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